Destruction Sequence
Can I live? Or nah?


*leaves tumblr for a bit*
*comes back to mad notification on a text post*
*sees Amber reblogged it and gave me some shine*
*wishes I could boop her nose and buy her ice cream cuz I love ha*



I luh ya! ❤️

Do you guys think I can pull off a shaved head?

I’m getting real tired of my hair

Tumblr: Keep that ouija shit off my dash
❝ You can keep fuckin that dog if you want to, just don’t expect me to take care of the puppies.

Said to a person who won’t let a toxic person go. African American Proverb (via blkproverbs)

I’ve never heard this in life.

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This don’t sound nothing like a blk person would say. We don’t fuck dogs

(via bulma-esque)

Never in my Black ass life have I heard this. 

Sounds like somebody submitted something anonymously and blkproverbs wasn’t paying too close attention. 

(via tashabilities) This is a mess!!! (via kreyolcoco)



Black women with even the slightest online presence have to take so much shit irl and online and no one really understands but Black women who have to deal with the abuse and violence of: men who feel entitled to us, irl and online, invasive ass people who don’t respect our space & decisions irl…